Everyday Prayers

Prayers for starting every day with God

Start the day looking for God in your everyday life. Use this prayer in the morning, first thing after waking with a cup of tea, taking time over breakfast, walking to school, waiting for a bus to work or wherever your day is about to take you.

1. Give thanks for a new day
2. Reflect on God's presence with you
3. Pray that Christ may be revealed

Prayers in the midst of everyday life

Use one or both of these brief "pauses" during the day. Give thanks for the blessings you have received and take a moment to be aware of God in what you are doing.

1. The blessings of life
2. Thankfulness in busyness

Evening prayer: God in our every day

Many Christians use a special "examen" (a Latin word for "a means of examining") at the end of the day. An examen has six simple steps:

1. Find a place to be still
2. Give thanks for the good things of today
3. Let go of things bothering you
4. Review your day
5. Talk with God
6. Finish your prayer

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