St Michael’s, Alphington

In 2010, Jack and Babs Bearne left a gift in their Will to St Michael's Church, Alphington, in the Diocese of Exeter. Their generosity has had a transformational impact on the life of the church.

Receiving such a generous gift challenged the church community to consider their vision for the future. Jack and Babs spent their life serving the local community, and it is in this spirit that the church building has been reordered. 

For Rev. Mike Patridge, "the legacy was spent on the building, this was not simply a building project...what they have done is turn the building inside out so everyone can see the welcome here". 

The church path and entrance have been made accessible for all, while a new suite of rooms have helped the church's mission and outreach grow enormously. The building is a beautiful blend of old and new, and is now open to the public everyday.