Information for Executors

Firstly, thank you for taking on the role of executor. Being an executor isn’t easy, the role can be demanding but it can also be rewarding. Although this is a very difficult and upsetting time, in administering an estate you will resolve all outstanding issues - leaving space and peace for those left behind.

The church named in the will you are about to administer is truly grateful, not only to the deceased, by whose generosity their work can continue to grow God’s Kingdom, but also to you, the executor, by whose time and effort the deceased’s generosity may take effect.

We have produced a guidance document to provide further information to executors who are administering a legacy left to a Church of England Parish Church.

Guidance Notes for Executors: Where a Will Contains a Legacy to a Church 

Contacting the Beneficiary Church

Once you have contacted the beneficiary church and notified them of the legacy, it may be appropriate to send this document to them, to help with the administration process.

Guidance Notes: A PCC Guide to Receiving a Legacy

In Remembrance

Lighting a candle can be a helpful way to pray for someone. You can do this in a church, or online. An online candle will help you think about someone who has recently passed away and pray for all those who miss them.

Click here to light a candle