#FollowTheStar family craft activity - God with us paintings


You will need: sheets of A5 paper, watered-down ready-mix paint, paintbrushes, wax crayons or oil pastels.

  1. Screw the piece of paper up into a ball.

  2. Open the paper out and look at all of the creases.

  3. Rub a crayon or oil pastel over the creases and they will pick up the colour. Think about times when life has seemed a bit like this creased up piece of paper; when things have gone wrong, or when times have been hard or painful.

  4. Let children choose a paint colour that most represents God to them and use
    it to paint over the top of the creases until all of the white paper has been covered. Even though you can still see the creases, the “God” colour is right there alongside them and next to them, surrounding them.

  5. Pray today’s prayer: Thank you, God, that wherever we go and whatever we face you are with us. Keep us safe on our journey through life. Amen.


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