#FollowTheStar family craft activity - marble mazes


You will need: Marbles plus either cardboard boxes, paper and card, scissors, sellotape or a Lego baseboard and Lego bricks.

  1. Find a large cardboard box and open it up. Use folded paper and card to make the ‘walls’ of a maze and sellotape them to the bottom of the box. Make sure there are some dead ends as well as a way through!

  2. Alternatively, use Lego pieces and a Lego baseboard to build a maze for your marble.

  3. Put a marble at the start of your maze and move the box so that the marble moves along the walls and through the gaps.

  4. Think about times when life can feel a bit confusing and you’re not sure where you’re going. How does it feel to be guided or led, just as you are guiding the marble through the maze?


Download this activity as a PDF

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