#FollowTheStar family craft activity - Skittles prayers


You will need: 2 big plates, a bag of Skittles sweets, hot water (not scalding, but hot enough to let the colour run).

  1. Place the Skittles around the edge of one of the plates in any pattern you like.

  2. Carefully pour the water to cover the surface of the plate without disturbing the sweets.

  3. Wait and the Skittles will gradually release their colour.

  4. Just as the colour is being released, we have discovered all sorts of things about God. Think of all the things you have been doing over the past 12 days.

  5. Talk about what else you would like to discover. What questions do you still have?

  6. Pour some water over the surface of the second plate and think of something you still want to know about God. Place a skittle in the water and, as the colour is released, ask God to help you carry on with your journey of discovery.


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