Free download: Digital promo planner for your Christmas events


Advent and Christmas is a great time to host services and events that draw people from beyond your regular congregation. However, knowing how to create an effective plan to promote an event digitally to new people can be tricky. Our simple digital promotion planner is here to help!
A grid from a Word document with column headings 'Week', 'Suggested action; ;Tips' and 'Useful links'

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How it works

Our planner guides you through using your website and social media to promote any church event or service this December. It’s free to download and comes as an editable Word document, so you can amend it to suit you. 

It suggests one thing you can do each week in the eight weeks leading up to the event, and in the days immediately afterwards. 
For example, adding the event to, sharing the event in a local community Facebook group, or posting pictures of the church being decorated for the event - achievable for any volunteer even if they have little capacity and experience. 

Adapt to suit

The planner is designed to be a helpful starting point, not a one size fits all solution. You can review the actions and make adjustments, for example if you use different social media platforms to those we suggest, or don’t have the time to do everything. 

We suggest starting the promotion as early as eight weeks before the event takes place, to give you as much time as possible to promote it well. But you can edit the timings on the planner to suit you. 

What you get

For each week, the planner offers you:

  • suggested action for the week
  • tip for going further or getting as much as possible out of that week’s action
  • link to relevant Digital Labs blog or video that could help you with the action

Download your copy

So, as you begin to plan your event, whether it’s a carol service, midnight mass, Christmas tree festival or Christingle, click the button below to download the Digital Promo Planner. 

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Digital promo planner

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