• Clergy

    The general name for all ordained ministers.

  • Collective Worship

    A daily act of worship in schools, typically 'wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character', providing the opportunity for prayer and reflection.

  • Common Worship

    The name for a family of volumes which, together with the Book of Common Prayer, make up the official liturgical resource of the Church of England.

  • Communion

    a) the sacramental sharing of bread and wine by the faithful, following the example given in the Last Supper of Christ with his disciples; b) a service in which Holy Communion is received.

  • Confirmation

    A service in which a person who has been baptized affirms their faith and receives prayer as the bishop lays hands on them. 

  • Congregation

    A group of Christians who gather for prayer and worship

  • Deacon

    An ordained person who preaches and assists with the sacraments and pastoral care.

  • Denomination

    A recognised religious group that have their own beliefs but belong to the same wider religion. i.e Anglicans, Protestants and Catholics are seperate denominations of the Christian faith

  • Diocesan Bishop

    The bishop in charge of a diocese.

  • Diocese

    Main administrative and pastoral area in the Church of England – often roughly coincides with local county boundaries. There are 42 dioceses.