• Mission

    Action to help the world become more like the place God intended it to be, and share the good news of Jesus

  • Mission Society

    Organisations set up to help the Church in its task of mission at home and overseas.

  • NCI's

    (National Church Institutions) The collective name for the 7 administrative bodies that work together to support the mission and ministries of the Church

  • Oath of Supremacy

     The Oath of Supremacy requires any person taking public or church office in England to swear allegiance to the monarch as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

  • Ordinand

    Someone who is currently being trained to be a member of the clergy

  • Ordination

    Ceremony where people become deacons, priests or bishops

  • Parish

    The smallest pastoral area within the Church of England. A parish usually has one main church building.

  • Pentecost

    The seventh Sunday after Easter, marking the end of the Easter season and commemorating the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church.

  • Pilgrimage

    A journey someone takes with a spiritual connection. The pilgrim may visit holy places on the way or travel to a holy place.

  • Precinct

    Land around a cathedral in the freehold ownership of the cathedral chapter that constitutes the cathedral’s immediate setting.