• Ordinand

    Someone who is currently being trained to be a member of the clergy.

  • Ordination

    Ceremony where people become deacons, priests or bishops.

  • Parish

    The smallest pastoral area within the Church of England. A parish usually has one main church building.

  • PCC

    The Parochial Church Council - each parish has this executive committee, which is made of clergy, church wardens and lay members.

  • Pentecost

    The seventh Sunday after Easter, marking the end of the Easter season and commemorating the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church.

  • Pilgrimage

    A journey someone takes with a spiritual connection. The pilgrim may visit holy places on the way or travel to a holy place.

  • Precinct

    Land around a cathedral in the freehold ownership of the cathedral chapter that constitutes the cathedral’s immediate setting.

  • Priest

    An ordained person who preaches, celebrates the sacraments and provides pastoral care.

  • Priest-in-charge

    Priest who is responsible for a parish where for pastoral reasons the diocesan bishop does not wish to grant the freehold and thus make the priest an incumbent. 

  • Psalter

    A psalter is a volume containing the Book of Psalms.