The Great Invitation: Share your church’s experience and inspire others


We would love to hear your tips and stories about inviting people to church, as part of our Christmas campaign, 'The Great Invitation'.
A star with text beneath: Follow the Star, The Great Invitation

Share your church's tips for invitation

This year’s Church of England Christmas campaign, ‘Follow the Star: The Great Invitation’ aims to support, equip and inspire churches to invite as many people as possible to church this December.

What does your church do to invite new people along? Is there something you’ve tried that has gone particularly well? Could you share tips about invitation, that might help other churches?

Share your story or tip in the way that suits you– could be a written quote, a WhatsApp voicenote or a short video filmed on your smartphone.

We would also love a picture of you or your church to go with it if possible!

If you think you might be able to help, let us know by emailing: [email protected] as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!


Share your answers to our Christmas questions

If you don't have an invitation story from your church, try this instead!

Could you help us invite the nation to church this Christmas, by sharing your answer to a Christmassy question?

We’re looking for churchgoers to send us a short video, or a WhatsApp voice note, answering one of the following questions:

  • What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
  • What does your church do at Christmas that is particularly special to you?
  • What is your first memory of being in church at Christmas?
  • What is a special memory of being in church at Christmas?
  • Does your church do any community activities during the Advent/Christmas period, and if so what are they?

We will share your responses on the Church of England’s national social media accounts during Advent, to invite the nation to church this Advent and Christmas.

We are hoping that these stories will remind people how much church and community play a part in the Advent and Christmas season, encouraging them to attend their church this Christmas.

If you choose to send us a voicenote, please also send us a picture of yourself we can use with it. If you choose to send us a video of you talking instead, please film it vertical if possible. Please tell us your name and church name when you send in your contribution.

Send your contribution to Sam Frawley, Social media officer, Church of England digital team: