Labs Learning

Welcome to Labs Learning. Here you'll find resources and advice on design, photography, social media strategy and more. Aimed specifically at those running social and web projects in churches.

Labs Learning also includes our social media training programme which looks at how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, dealing with negativity online, advertising, making the most of A Church Near You and learning about language and audiences for websites and social. If you’re interested in being trained in social media, please contact your diocesan office.

  1. 10 tips for designing your church's logo

    10 tips on creating a logo


    A logo defines and represents the personality and image of a church, company or organisation. That’s why is important to ensure your logo looks professional.

    Here are 10 tips to consider when creating a logo.

  2. The Point church website displayed on an iPad.

    Five pages your church website should have


    BLOG / Thinking about building a new website or updating an existing one? Here are five pages your church website should have.

  3. How to boost a Facebook post

    How to boost a Facebook post


    Boosting a post on Facebook is an easy way to take a post on your page and turn it into an advert. Boosting the post may help you reach more people who may be interested in your church, services or events.

  4. How to create an Instagram business profile

    How to create a free Instagram profile and business profile


    In this blog, we take you through the steps to creating your Instagram Business profile, and talk you through some of the additional features to help you get started. 

  5. How to go Live on Instagram

    How to use Instagram Live


    Following our recent Labs Learning blog on using Instagram Stories, we’re now looking at Instagram Live. As the name suggests, Instagram Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast live to your followers.  

  6. Five scheduling tools for social media


    This week’s blog features five tools for planning, scheduling and monitoring social media accounts. If you are working with a team a social media scheduling tool is useful to keep everyone informed of planned posts and prevent duplication or over communication.

  7. How to show the value of social media for your church

    How to show the value of social media for your church


    We often get asked how much value social media is for churches, and how value can be increased. Each platform gives us the options to track lots of different numbers, known as analytics, but which ones should we be looking at, and how can we use them to show the value of your efforts for your church community?

  8. screenshot of A Church Near You homepage

    Five things editors forget on ACNY


    A Church Near You offers a unique evangelism opportunity for Church of England churches but how can you make the most of the site?  

  9. Woman using phone

    Free social media apps for your church to try in 2019


    With so many creative and productivity tools on offer, how do you know where to start and which ones to try? 

    The digital team have put together our list of FREE apps for you to try in 2019.  

  10. Promoting your service or event on social media – before, during and after


    A clear and simple approach to social media can go a long way to building anticipation and excitement for your service or event and reach more people with an invitation to come along.