Godparents' Sunday

Godparents' Sunday

Godparents are really special people. They make serious promises at the christening and many are part of a family for years. It’s such an important relationship that the Church of England sets aside a whole day to celebrate. This year, it will be on July 11th. Whether your church is holding a special service or not, you can still let your godparents or godchildren know how much they mean to your family.

The Church of England will be celebrating the role of godparents everywhere on Sunday, July 11th 2021.

Your local church, or the church where your child was christened, may be holding a special service on that day. Contact your church to find out – if there is a Godparents’ Sunday service, it could be a wonderful way to get together with your godparent or godchild.

If there’s no church service being held nearby, here are some ideas to celebrate the special relationship of godparents at home:

  • Together with your child, make cards for their godparents. It could be a simple ‘thank you’ card, or you can include a prayer (even something as simple as ‘Loving God, bless my godmother/godfather today’), or include a special memory your child has of time with each godparent. You could stick in a photo, or your child could draw their memory.
  • Ask your child’s godparents to show them photos of the christening day and talk about how special it was for them. They can light your child’s christening candle together and read a Bible story or say a prayer. (This can be done on the anniversary of the christening too.)
  • Try this soft toy prayer idea: make sure your godparents have a soft toy and that your child has a similar soft toy. Whether you can be together or not, pick a time of day, perhaps just before bedtime. Tell the godparents and godchildren that as they hold the toy at the same time, they will be thinking and praying for each other right then.