Hilary Cotton

Coach and facilitator | Diocese of Guildford
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I am a laywoman from Guildford Diocese, a professional coach to women in leadership, and an astute observer of Church of England life. I’m also (still!) a mum to two adult children, a vicar’s wife, and a bit of a nuisance to the church as I tend to say what I really think….I worked for WATCH (Women and the Church) during the years of campaigning for women to be bishops.

I try to be kind and gentle, as well as rigorous and challenging, because I want those called by God to know their call deeply and live with confidence in the setting they are called to. Come and talk to me about exactly how things are for you, and I will listen and ask helpful questions: we might discover together a bit more about God, each other, and how to live faithfully.

I worship at Holy Trinity, Guildford, a town centre church that aims to be ‘faithful, engaging, hospitable and inclusive’. I am married to the Rector and we have two children who are now adult, so I have time to sing in a choir, knit and do quilting, and cycle a bit less feebly!

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