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Priest Vicar | Diocese of Rochester
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My name is Ade Lawal. I'm currently a Priest Vicar at Rochester Cathedral and an Associate Priest in the Rochester Cluster, I'm also Chaplain to the Residents of the French Hospital. In secular roles, I've been a Cleaner, a Laboratory Technician, an Operating Theatre worker, a Hospice Auxillary Nurse and a Family Support Worker for Social Services. I've also worked in retail as well! When I reflect on my working life, the overriding theme is that it involves people. I've done some counselling courses, so I know how to listen to others. My extensive working life coupled with an experience of the school of life enables me to be a good Mentor and so I'm open to anyone who would like a listening ear.

What kind of person am I? I'm thoughtful, supportive, kind and practical with an easy going manner. I like to see others do well and fulfill their potential. I'm an encourager. Due to the variety roles I've had I've learnt how to treat people. Therefore when you come to see me you will be treated fairly, with courtesy and respect.

In regard to my journey, After working full-time a a Lay Minister, I was Ordained Deacon in 2005 at Lichfield Cathedral and Priested in 2006. I served my curacy in Stoke-on-Trent, I've served in Leeds as Vicar and as a Hospital Chaplain before moving to Rochester Diocese inKent. As a Priest in the Church of England, I consider myself extremely blessed. It is such an honour serving God in this way.

I enjoy socializing, Keeping fit, cooking, the Theater, Opera, Ballet and Classical Music. But, then again I love watching football, Rugby, Tennis and other sports. Being with my family is important to me so its always a joy when we meet up or talk together. My church life has covered most traditions; from Charismatic Evangelical to High Church and everything else in between. I've been to New Wine and Greenbelt, although for 2020, festivals will be virtual.

I look forward to hearing from you and accompanying you on your journey.


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