Aptin Samadi

Vicar, Diocese of London
image of Aptin Samadi

My name is Aptin Samadi

I am the vicar of St Mary & St Peter, Staines and I am the leader of the Persian Anglican Community of London in London diocese.

I am passionate to mentor people from all kind of background but especially Minority Ethnics and those from the Middle East. Most of my time in ministry has been spent serving and supporting students and young people on their journey of life and faith.

I am an encourager and help people to discern God’s calling and gifts in order to put them in practice for God’s kingdom.

I can be available Tuesday -Friday, I speak Persian (Farsi), English and Armenian fluently.

I have served in a variety of Tradition on Church of England, from Anglo Catholic to Charismatic Evangelical

I have been leading my current parish since 2019

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