Ayo Audu

Curate, Diocese of Oxford
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My name is Ayo Audu, and I am a curate in the Diocese of Oxford. Before this, I had a career in digital marketing with experience both in the commercial sector and in education.

Prior to being recommended for training, I found the journey of discernment a lonely one not least because I knew of no-one else on a similar path with whom I could reflect about my experience. My DDO was brilliant, bless her, however she was DDO. I remember turning up at theological college on the first day and being surrounded by two hundred other ordinands. My first reaction was, “where have you all been these last couple of years”?

So, I would love to offer support and encouragement to anyone who is undertaking the vocations journey and is concerned or has questions about the processes as well as life as a student on ordination training. I feel my recent experience of this phase of discernment will bring value to your reflections.

I am passionate about mentoring and helping others explore, identify and nurture their gifts. I have enjoyed doing this in church as well as professionally while supporting apprentices towards attaining qualifications in digital marketing.

My schedule while packed, is flexible so I am sure we would be able to find a suitable arrangement for both of us.

Ayo Audu

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