Beatrice Nambuya Musindi

Chaplain, Diocese of Rochester
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I am Beatrice Nambuya Musindi currently working as Managing and Anglican Chaplain at HMP YOI Rochester. I was born and partly trained in Uganda. Later I did postgraduate Studies at the University of Birmingham and was Ordained in the Church in Wales in 2003 where I served my curacy. I have enjoyed a string of jobs out of choice, hoping it might bring to my mission work a broader experience together with some of the skills needed for secular employment (and some voluntary work).

My earnest desire is to witness to the love and person of Jesus Christ; to serve him through human friendships wherever I can. I pledge myself to relating faith into a pluralistic community and my abiding desire is to be able to work in support of Christian mission and evangelism. Working from a belief that every person is made in the image of God, I believe that all God’s people should be fully encouraged to realise their full potential. I firmly believe that all God’s children should be offered equal opportunities and the Church as the servant of God should embrace, acknowledge and utilise the gifts and talents of all the members for the enrichment of the whole body of Christ.

I have considerable experience of mentoring people exploring their vocational calling. My mentoring style entails coming alongside people, listening, and offering a safe space for reflection on what the Holy Spirit is saying and what God is already doing.

I am by nature a positive person and apply an approach that is essential to empowering, motivating, and encouraging others.

I can offer mentorship at relatively flexible times, face to face or online in accordance to what works best.

I am experienced in and understand, varied predilections and traditions to be found across a broad Anglican Church; and am conversant with viewpoints like

those of evangelical, Catholic, Charismatic, Traditional, Fresh Expressions and radical Anglicans. I have come to identify my own spirituality as evangelical Charismatic.

I am married to a Vicar and have 3 children who are all at University.

I delight in spending quality time with family and friends. I enjoy walking, keeping fit, Gardening, Music and reading.

I am excited about accompanying you on your vocational journey. Look forward to hearing from you. Blessings in Christ. Beatrice.

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