Dave Banks

Ordinand, Diocese of London
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My name’s Dave Banks, I’m a prospective Ordinand under the London Diocese, and have worked for churches in differing roles for many years in South East England and Austria.

Welcome to the roller-coaster of discerning God’s calling on you! My style of mentoring is like the emergency car in Grand Prix that comes alongside you, helps you to check how things are and clock any dangers, and encourages you for a season on your journey. I’m an active listener, deep thinker, and will take a stance of curiosity, asking questions and helping you to reflect and critically engage with your discernment. I often use appropriate imagery and picture language to aid facilitating your engagement with your Creator.

A bit about me – I’ve been a Christian for 25 years, grew up within the Church of England’s systems, and know much about both the positive and negative sides of church. I’m an eternal student with a hunger for theology and exciting exegesis (I’ve always got my head in books). I am a Counsellor, so know a good question goes a long way. In my spare time I enjoy fellowship with family and friends, love good food and coffee, and I swim and cross stitch to relax. I rejuvenate from river walks, bat walks and coastal visits, and my favourite pizza topping is cheese (and lots of it)!

I’m happy to mentor any inquisitive and open-minded soul chasing after God, particularly anyone aged 16-30 who is considering ministry at a younger age, because I’ve known how up-and-down the road can feel. My tradition is middle Anglican, though I have worshiped in both charismatic and contemplative settings. I can mentor in English or German, online or face-to-face, whatever works best. Touch base if you feel I could be a support.

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