Elaine Evans

I’m Elaine Evans, and I have been the Vicar of St Bertelin’s Stafford & St John the Evangelist Whitgreave in the Diocese of Lichfield for the past 12 years.
Photo of Elaine Evans


I believe that God calls all His children to something that only they can do, and I’d be happy to prayerfully walk alongside you as you discern whether that is the ordained ministry – or something else.

In terms of church tradition, I call myself a Liberal Inclusive Catholic and I am a member of the Society of Catholic Priests but having been a card-carrying Methodist at one time in my life,  and having trained for ministry at an ecumenical college I value and respect all church traditions.

I can work with you in person, or via Skype, FaceTime or telephone if that is your preference. Monday is my day off. 

I live with my husband and our three Korat cats. My interests include learning to play the flute, good coffee and spending time with friends.

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