Jonathan Coore

My name is Jonathan Coore. I was ordained in 2007 after a career in music and teaching.
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I have served in Hereford, London and I am about to join the clergy team at St George’s, Windsor Castle. I have a good sense of humour (others may disagree) and always try to encourage others to see within themselves and how their own experiences shape who and what they are and what gifts they bring. I have an eclectic church upbringing and as a musician, have served in a variety of traditions within the Church of England. This means that I have an appreciation of and value for the broader picture when it comes to the tradition of a potential mentee.

My experience as a teacher also meant that I was a mentor for teachers in training and I bring this experience to this role. I have an interest in the treatment of prisoners and I am a member of the Howard league for Penal reform. Social issues such as housing and equality remain close to my heart.

Spirituality is a key area of interest and I currently chair the Bishop of Southwark’s Spiritual Advisory Group. I am influenced by the writings and thoughts of Richard Rohr, Malcom Guite and John Main. More recently, I have become interested in the influence of Buddhism and mindfulness and I am exploring why they have such wide and popular appeal. As well as being Rector of Christ Church, Southwark I also serve as an Honorary Minor Canon at Southwark Cathedral and as a Priest vicar at Westminster Abbey.

I love music, reading, writing, art, cooking and travel and in 2016, I walked the Camino de Santiago and did part of it again in 2017. I have three children and two unruly but delightful cats.

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