Joseph Fernandes

I'm Joseph Fernandes, a vicar in Kensington, in the Diocese of London.

As a mentor, I would say that I am sympathetic and empathetic, with a good sense of humour, with a positive and realistic outlook, a critical friend. Once described as exotic, due to my continental upbringing, I would say that I am a breath of fresh air in the Church of England in my approach and enthusiasm. I am married and have two children.

My time availability is fairly flexible during the day. If needed can do evenings.

In terms of interests I am drawn to social justice and Liberation Theology. Community service is another area which I am particularly interested. One area where I have taken a particular interest is the ministry to the Travelling community. I collaborate with CMEAC (Committee for Minority and Ethnic Anglican Concerns) on issues regarding minority ethnics. Homelessness is another issue which I am concerned with. I have a strong interest in ecumenism and interfaith dialogue. I try to play cello and enjoy singing. I like the idea of going for a run to unwind.

I can speak fluent Portuguese and can understand Spanish and Italian.

Tradition wise, I was brought up as a Roman Catholic, and joined the Charismatic Renewal movement. I became an Anglican 8 years ago and joined a large Charismatic church in Oxford, whilst attending chapel in one of the Oxford colleges. I did my theological training in a Liberal Catholic college. I would describe myself as a hybrid.

I am a new incumbent in the Diocese of London, Kensington episcopal area.

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