Joyce Forbes

I'm Joyce Forbes, a Self-Supporting Minister in the Diocese of Southwark.

What kind of Mentor will I be
In my previous profession, I trained as a Nursery Nurse and worked with Children from 0-5 years for the first 20 years of my life, here I rose through the profession to management and supervision of staff. I later trained as a social worker and worked in the Frontline safeguarding service with children and families. Later working with young people from 13 to 18 years.

These years has thought me to be calm, patient, non-judgemental and ambitious for the person.  

I consider myself as someone who will walk alongside the mentee, befriend and support them. The relationship will not be a counselling one, but hopefully one that is able to help and guide them in their discernments and help them to grow: One of the skills I have is listening, which I believe is very important to be able to listen to others and hear their concerns, without being judgemental. I also see a mentoring relationship, with both of us growing within that relationship. The mentee will undoubtedly benefit from this relationship, but I also envisage that I will grow also in developing how to best support my mentee.

Time availability
I will be available and committed to meet the mentee the minimum, at least once a month, however, I do believe that in the first instance, we should meet and discuss time availability and plan together how we might achieve these.

My interests are reading books on preaching and how to preach as a woman.

I am interested in Community Organising and currently on the Leadership of the South London Leadership Group representing Croydon Citizen. Representing our Deanery Citizen Group within the Church of England.

I am a member of the Minority Ethnic Anglican Concern committee (MEAC)

I am also a magistrate for the last twenty-five years and sit in Court twice a month.


My Church tradition is Modern Catholic.

I have been in my parish for over 36 years but been Ordained for 15 years.

I was ordained in 2003 as Deacon Ordained Local Minister (OLM) to be in my parish. In 2008 transferred to Self-Supporting Minister (SSM).

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