Jules Middleton

Priest in Charge, Diocese of Chichester
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Hiya, my name is Jules Middleton and I’m a vicar in Chichester Diocese. I’ve been working in the Church of England for 9 years and was ordained in 2016. I have a background in Fresh Expressions and am currently exploring pioneering within a parish setting. I have a heart for local community mission, taking ‘the church’ outside the doors of the building.

Frustrating as it can sometimes be, I also love the Church of England, and I’m always keen to encourage others within it. I have written widely on my experiences in ministry including ‘A Short Guide to Surviving The Discernment Process in the Church of England’ and a book: ‘Breaking The Mould’, about life as a mum in ministry.

As a woman and a ministry mum, having gone through the discernment process and training with younger kids I have a particular sense of calling to support and encourage those in a similar situation. So I’m really keen to mentor younger women and mums with children, but I’m open to all requests! I have some time set aside each week for non-parish ministry and can generally be flexible on time.

I’m not really one for labels especially as I value many aspects of different styles of churchmanship and want to seek greater diversity and inclusion, but my experience has been in the charismatic evangelical and currently anglo-catholic & charismatic, areas of the church spectrum. In the same vein, if I’m honest I do fit the label of ‘feisty redhead’ and am passionate about speaking out about anything from injustice to the best brand of chocolate (it’s Divine by the way).

Outside of ministry life (if there is such a thing...) I love being out in creation, especially amongst the South Downs, or paddleboarding on the local rivers and sea – I feel the most at peace near water. I also love reading trashy crime novels and being creative.

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