Kamran Bhatti

Priest, Diocese of Blackburn
image of Kamran Bhatti

I was ordained as a Priest in 2015 and I am licenced as a Missionary Priest in the Diocese of Blackburn. The role of the Missionary priest is involved engaging with other cultures and religions within the Preston Deanery and beyond. Currently, I am working with Iranian and South Asian communities; it is my passion to encourage people to worship in their own languages and cultures and invite them to integrate and work together with the wider church in UK.

Mentoring for me is about relationship, trust, prayerful listening, providing a non-judgemental and friendly environment and encouraging the mentee to discern God’s will and direction.

I am available during the week, by appointment and happy to mentor all ages, traditions and cultures.

I am a musician and enjoy Indian classical music, reading and traveling. I enjoy spending time with my family, going out for meals and movies and playing pool with my children.

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