Mark Nam

Mark Nam is Assistant Curate at United Church in Longwell Green and St, Anne’s, Diocese of Bristol.
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As a British-born Chinese, I am positioned to mentor other BAME’s who have been raised in the West and who understand the complexities of growing-up within two or more cultures. I am particularly open to working with those who have an East-Asian or TCK background.

Prior to my curacy, I was a full-time pastor at a church in Hong Kong. A significant part of my role was working with diverse communities – western expats, refugees, foreign domestic-helpers, local Chinese – and seeing the value that each community brought to one-another and the whole. I believe that each one of us has something of value to bring, and I am passionate about enabling others to deepen their sense of calling as they navigate their way through the ordination process. I see mentoring as an effective way of addressing the various challenges and questions that arise when seeking to reflect honestly on your life and vocation. I like to plan ahead and arrange our meetings in advance to make the most of our time together.

My initial training was in Law, but I trained for ministry at Trinity College. My MA thesis was on ‘What the Church of England can learn from East-Asian theology in terms of contextualizing the Gospel.’ I am familiar with the Anglican tradition, having been raised in a relatively ‘high’ church in Wales and having also interned at Holy Trinity Brompton in London. I am married to Kayi and we have three young children.

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