Naomi Hill

Associate Priest | Diocese of Oxford
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My name is Rev Naomi Hill. I’m associate vicar at St Paul’s Slough which is aiming to become a model intercultural church in the Diocese of Oxford. I am happy to mentor anyone exploring church leadership, but I’m particularly interested in mentoring women, refugees and young adults of either gender.

I love listening to people’s stories, and helping them to think more deeply about what God is saying to them especially in the vocations journey. I’m a chatty people person with a tendency to recommend my favourite books to anyone willing to listen! I can be reasonably flexible, but I can probably only meet with people once a month or less.

I have always loved the Bible and recently have been exploring using it in contemplative prayer. I love learning about other cultures, love to hear about how God and his people are making the world a better place. More frivolously I love watching films, tv, and reading books (drama, sci-fi, historical), I love to learn new board games, walking, cake and curry (not at all at the same time!)

I start at St Paul’s on 24th October 2021. I’m from an Evangelical Charismatic tradition.

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