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Welcome to the Ministerial Vocations Mentor Directory!
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This resource is for those at any stage on the journey towards lay or ordained ministerial vocations, who might feel that they would like to have a knowledgeable friend, who is like them, to accompany them along the way.

All the mentors are volunteers who are passionate about supporting people from underrepresented groups on their vocational journey.  Your mentor will not be making decisions on your process or be your advocate. 

You and your mentor decide when, how, and how often to meet and they will walk with you for as long as you need them to.

More mentors will be added as we get more volunteers.


“Exploring vocation is a journey that we always take with others, because discerning vocation is the task of the church, not just individuals. Coming alongside someone seeking to discern where God is at work in their lives and where God is leading, is a huge privilege. Being a mentor will be a rich experience and a blessing: the blessing of seeing the God of love at work in the life of his people.”

Archbishop Justin Welby


How to find a Mentor
Look at our list of mentors below. Click on any of the pictures to read more about them and then use the message form on each mentor's page to get in touch. with them.

  1. image of miriam cavanagh

    Miriam Cavanagh

    Lay Pioneer Minister | Diocese of Sheffield

  2. image of woman

    Naomi Hill

    Priest in Charge | Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham

  3. image of Nardiner Tegally

    Nardinder Tegally

    BAME Champion and ADDO | Diocese of Bath and Wells

  4. image natalie worsfold

    Natalie Worsfold

    Curate | Diocese of Oxford

  5. image of Nigel Williams

    Nigel Williams

    Curate | Young Vocations

  6. Pam Searle

    I’m Pam Searle, an Ordained Baptist Minister in the Diocese of Southwark.  

  7. image of Pam Smith

    Pam Smith

    Pam Smith | Priest in Charge at

  8. Pauline Cummins photograph

    Pauline Cummins

    Licensed Lay Minister | Diocese of Leicester 

  9. image of man

    Peter Bacon

    Peter Bacon | Diocese of Chester

  10. image of Philip Musindi

    Philip Musindi

    Vicar | Broadstairs