St Albans Ministry Experience Scheme

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If you are aged 18-30 we would love to give you the opportunity to join the St Albans Ministry Experience Scheme: a year to explore who you are called to be and discover what you might be called to do.

Through the year you will be serving a local church and involved in different aspects of mission and ministry, you’ll receive some great bespoke training in discipleship, leadership and theology, and will be part of a community with other young adults.  There will be opportunity to participate in a range of local and diocesan events, experience working with a range of ages and needs, and have some personal support in exploring your vocation.

The year is funded by the Diocese of St Albans, the local parish and the Ministry Experience Scheme (MES) grant, so it doesn’t cost you anything.

Whether you are already feeling a call to ministry within the church, whether you’re just beginning to think about what being part of the People of God might look like through adulthood, or whether you would just like to find out more, please get in touch.

Interested in getting involved?

Learn more about the Ministry Experience Scheme at the Diocese of St Albans or make an enquiry using our webform, selecting St Albans diocese.