Church Commissioners join Investors for a Sustainable Digital Economy network


The Church Commissioners for England has today joined a network of like-minded investment managers and asset owners, to engage with, and steward companies through, digital governance best practices – an urgent concern in an increasingly digitalized society.

The Investors for a Sustainable Digital Economy (ISDE) network has been created by not-for-profit Creating Future Us and works with investors to champion sustainable use of technology in business, to create net positive benefits for society.

Data use, machine learning algorithms, robotics, future of work, bioethics and other areas will be the focus of this pioneering forum of investment professionals. They will harness deep expertise across the digital economy, developing research and stewardship tools focused on understanding and addressing the impacts of these critical issues. ISDE seeks to support corporations in delivering ethical tech outcomes.

Bess Joffe, Head of Responsible Investment for the Church Commissioners for England, said: 
“We and our partners in this coalition are focused on nascent issues that challenge people and societies. Over the next decade, the rise of artificial intelligence will impact our lives in ways that were once unimaginable, making digital responsibility paramount. This technology spans multiple sectors and is a stewardship priority for us.”