The Church of England Pensions Board releases 2021 Annual Review


The Church of England Pensions Board has today published its Annual Review, covering the work of the Board throughout 2021.

The Board serves over 41,000 members through its pension schemes; all of whom are currently or were previously serving the Church as clergy, mission workers, employees, or in other roles, working across the 700 different Church organisations that participate in the schemes.  The Board also provides retirement housing to more than 2,700 retired clergy and their households.

Highlights from the review include:

  • The assets of the pension schemes in aggregate returned 13.0%,  with our public equity and other growth assets returning over 18%. The total value of assets in our care at the end of 2021 was just under £3.7bn. (provisional results subject to audit)
  • The Board continues to engage well with companies, to change corporate practice, supporting improved company performance, and a better impact on society and the environment. In 2021, the Board voted on over 26,000 resolutions at 1,873 company meetings.
  • Partnerships with asset owners and other investors to drive action on climate change, including the launch of the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) Global Transition Centre. 
  • Further improvements to the service offered by the Board to members, including the launch of a secure online portal for pension scheme members. 
  • The Board directly supported more than 350 retired households with welfare advice and help to access specialist services.

View and download the Church of England Pensions Board Annual Review, here.