Church of England’s National Investing Bodies publish Deforestation Policy


Deforestation sits at the heart of climate, biodiversity and food and water security challenges, all of which many parts of the world are currently struggling to address. We recognise the need to support a transition to sustainable policies and practices in a way that conserves and restores forests while also protecting local communities and livelihoods.

To that end, the National Investing Bodies of the Church of England (NIBs) today published a Deforestation Policy to address these critical issues before they become crises. We recognise the critical role which tropical forests play in stabilising the earth’s climate system, absorbing one-third of the CO2 released annually from burning fossil fuels.  The policy is aimed at halting tropical deforestation related to agricultural commodities that put forests at risk, such as palm oil, soy, beef, pulp and paper, and timber.

The Deforestation Policy of the National Investing Bodies can be found here.