LLF Next Steps Group meeting on 28 September 2022


The Next Steps Group met on 28 September.

The Group reaffirmed the decision to pursue the previously agreed timetable for discernment and decision-making despite the cancellation of the September meeting of the College of Bishops because of the sad death of Her Majesty The Queen. The bishops had previously agreed to invite bishops to engage in some written reflections as part of their preparation for the next College of Bishops meeting at the end of October. This would help make up for the lost time and enable the process to remain on track.

It was noted that Bishops have been provided with the Listening with Love and Faith publications as part of their preparation for the next College of Bishops meeting at the end of October. The meeting expressed the strong hope that Bishops would fully engage with the resources and confirmed that response so far has been encouraging and productive. The Group went on to review and discuss the process and plans for the October meeting of the College of Bishops.

The Group received an update of the conversations held to date with the various network and organisations invited to meet with Next Steps Bishops, which were described as helpful, informative and fruitful. The Group looked forward to further meetings that are due to take place in October. Details of the organisations can be found here.

The Group was updated about the research that had been commissioned to explore the impacts of decisions that have been made regarding the blessing and/or marriage of same-sex partnerships in church in other Provinces of the Anglican Communion as well as in mainstream denominations in Britain. This modest piece of desk research will be completed within the discernment and decision-making phase of LLF.

The meeting closed in prayer.