Our daily bread – Lent challenge to donate to a foodbank with each slice of bread


Christians are being encouraged to give something to a foodbank every time they eat a piece of bread or donate to a clean water project every time they drink wine.  
Vegetables are shown laid out with a chalk sign saying "Help yourself to fruit and vegetables but think of others"

The simple suggestion is the latest idea for action as part of the Church of England’s Live Lent 40-day challenge. 

This year’s Lent theme Embracing Justice is explored through daily reflections linked to weekly topic. 

This week – the fifth week of Lent – focusses on Jesus’s words as he shared bread and wine with his disciples: “Do this to remember me.” 

It suggests: “This week, every time you eat bread, place a donation in a basket to be taken to a local foodbank.  

“Every time you drink wine (or tea, or coffee) set aside money to be given to a clean water/sanitation project abroad.” 

Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham, said: “The cost-of-living crisis has brought into sharp focus the reality for thousands of people up and down the country.  

“As Christians, we’re called to help but sometimes in our busy lives we may not always be thinking of ways to help others.  

“This suggested action is an excellent way to remind ourselves regularly – whether with our breakfast toast, morning coffee, or sandwich lunch – of what we can do to support those in need.” 

The challenge evokes the bread and wine from the Eucharist, the heart of Christian worship which recalls the Last Supper of Jesus which is commemorated on the Thursday before Easter Sunday.  

Previously, other suggested actions have included speaking with people you usually disagree with, and changing one thing in your buying or consumption habits.  

More information:  

  • Live Lent: Embracing Justice is the Church of England’s theme for Lent 2022. It invites readers to examine their own lives truthfully, to see the world more deeply and to pray – for the Church and the world. 
  • Copies are available on the Church House Publishing website.  
  • The fifth week of Lent began on Sunday 3rd April.