‘There and then on the doorstep we said a prayer together. That was when I became a Christian’


“My mum died in January last year. When I was at the undertakers, they asked me who I would like to take the service. I immediately thought of St Justus Church.
Sue is shown standing outside her church which is behind her she is smiling wearing a blue top

"Although I had no connection with them, I used to hear them when I was doing the garden, when they had their windows open, singing on a Sunday. It sounded such a friendly church that I felt that was what I wanted for mum.

"I was so nervous because I had never had to sort out a funeral before but as soon as I met Adam (Revd Adam Pyrke), the curate at St Justus, he made me feel at ease and comforted.

"After we had discussed the funeral arrangements, he said to me ‘why don’t you come up on a Tuesday, they have a community café at the church?’.

"I was a bit unsure, but I took the plunge and I went. It is one of the best things I ever did. When I got there everybody was so welcoming. I became a regular attender.

"When I was leaving one day, I asked one of my friends, is it possible to take a look at the church?  She opened the door and I walked in. I cannot describe how I felt. It was just like this warm glow and I felt as though I had come home and that is where I belonged.  
"Weeks went by and I said to Adam that I felt as though I wanted to become a Christian. I told him what had happened and how I had felt. He said he would come down to see me.

"We had a conversation standing on the doorstep – by that time social distancing was coming in – and he explained to me about being a Christian, saying that when I was ready, to let him know, and we can pray to Jesus together.

"I looked at him and said ‘Adam, I feel as though I am ready now, I really do.’ There and then on the doorstep, we said a prayer together.

"That was when I became a Christian and I have never looked back since.”