Living in Love and Faith continues despite pandemic, as thousands take part across the Church


The Church is embracing the 'unique opportunity' to learn and reflect across differences, through Living in Love and Faith (LLF).
Living in Love and Faith logo.

LLF is a set of resources exploring questions of human identity, sexuality, relationships, and marriage, launched on 9 November 2020.

All 42 dioceses have appointed ‘LLF Advocates’, who are enabling churches to engage with the LLF resources in ways appropriate to local contexts.

More than 85 percent of all dioceses (36) will have held an ‘LLF taster’ event day for clergy and lay people by the end of the month, with more than 5000 people participating in these so far. 

Since the launch of LLF, requests for the resources have also been unprecedented: more than 13,000 copies of the LLF Course have been distributed whilst the LLF book has been reprinted three times since publication due to strong demand.  

The LLF resources – which include a 5-session course for local groups – are designed to facilitate open, honest, and gracious learning and discussion among churchgoers across the country.

LLF draws together the Bible, theology, science, and history with powerful real-life stories, in what is understood to be the most extensive undertaking of any church to hear and articulate as wide a range of voices, lived experiences and theological understandings as possible in this area.

The LLF process of listening and learning together is not expected to be an easy one – but these strides are encouraging, and we thank all LLF Advocates for inspiring others to engage with openness, kindness, compassion, and grace. 

Bishop Sarah Mullaly, Chair of the Next Steps Group said: “There is a hopeful momentum as church groups have started to engage with the resources and are beginning to feed back through the online survey as well as in creative ways.

"The Next Steps Group is committed to continuing to support and listen as engagement begins to proliferate across the Church.” 

LLF Enabling Officer, Dr Eeva John, said: “It has been a privilege to have offered facilitation training for over 350 people.

"Learning about and sharing good practice is giving people the confidence to lead small groups in a way that deepens understanding and relationships even across disagreement about such sensitive and personal matters.

"A number of groups have engaged already online, while others plan to engage in the autumn when restrictions are lifted.” 

More information:  

  • In May, Church House Publishing also produced the new Pastoral Principles course – the need for which emerged from LLF engagement with dioceses.
  • The course examines the six roadblocks, ‘pervading evils’ (prejudice, silence, ignorance, fear, hypocrisy and power) that impair relationships, hinder our personal growth as Christians, and create barriers that stop our churches from growing into Christian communities of welcome and belonging.