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Intercultural theology tutor appointed as Adviser on Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns

Sonia Barron, a tutor in intercultural theology at Nottingham University, has been appointed as Adviser to the Church of England’s Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns (CMEAC). Mrs Barron, who currently also runs Amaani Tallawah, an African/Caribbean voluntary organisation providing mental health services, will take up her new post at the end of April 2005.

CMEAC works to encourage and engage participation from the Church of England's black and minority ethnic populations at every level. Resourcing, listening to and learning from the Church’s minority ethnic populations, the Committee also provides a forum for supporting the outcomes and mandates of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and subsequent publications. Staff members of CMEAC are part of the Mission and Public Affairs Division.

“I am convinced that the Church of England and its ethnic minority members have a great deal to offer each other, and I am looking forward to working with the dioceses and with CMEAC towards empowering those members to make a greater contribution to the life of the Church and beyond,” said Mrs Barron of her appointment.

The Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, who chairs CMEAC, welcomed the appointment, saying: “The Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns plays a critical role in ensuring that the Church of England's leadership, both local and national) seeks to become reflective of the community in which it serves. We are delighted at the appointment of Sonia. She brings a wealth of experience that will enable CMEAC to carry its work forward.”

Sonia Barron, who originally comes from the black Pentecostal tradition, has previously worked as an RE teacher as head of  department, as a course director at the University of Wales, and as a consultant on outreach to faith groups; she has also given diversity and racial awareness training for the diocese of Southwell.  She has worked in Uganda as a missionary teacher, and as travelling secretary and youth officer for Mid-Africa Ministry, which now forms part of the Church Mission Society.

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