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Read and hear all about it – monthly e-news bulletin and podcasts, too

The Church of England’s use of the internet is expanding with an electronic news bulletin and trial podcasts now available on this website.

Communications Update is a monthly e-bulletin for anyone wanting to catch up with what the Church of England is doing nationally. Delivered direct to computer inboxes, it provides a round-up of news about the Church's work and mission to the nation, with live links to further information. Anyone can sign up for Communications Update, which already has more than 800 subscribers, or see the current edition first.

A trial podcast of two items at the July Sessions of the General Synod supplements the audio files already available on the Church of England website. Podcasts currently available to listen to anywhere, anytime on MP3 players are the Archbishop of York's Presidential Address and the debate on the Anglican Covenant proposal. Information on how to listen and subscribe to the podcast is on the site. The podcasts complement full information about July’s General Synod available on the Church of England website.

Peter Crumpler, Director of Communications for the Archbishops’ Council, said: “Both these initiatives are designed to help parishioners keep in touch with the wider work of the Church. The Communications Update contains a range of items also likely to interest parish magazine editors, while the trial Synod podcasts have been produced in response to a number of requests.”

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