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Church publishes swine flu prayers


The Church of England has published the following selection of prayers for use in churches from this weekend, in light of the developing situation regarding influenza A/H1N1 ('swine flu').

These have been prepared in line with the Church’s practice of regularly publishing prayers on topics of contemporary concern. They are available at:

Advice and information from the NHS on swine flu is available here, while more details on the Church's response can be found here.




Heavenly Father,

giver of life and health:

comfort and restore those who are sick,

that they may be strengthened in their weakness

and have confidence in your unfailing love;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Creator and Father of all,

we pray for those who are ill.

Bless them, and those who serve their needs,

that they may put their whole trust in you

through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.




Sovereign God,

the defence of those who trust in you

and the strength of those who suffer:

look with mercy on the people of Mexico:

   bring healing to those infected with the virus,

   give wisdom and insight to doctors, nurses and health professionals,

   and bring calm and peace to all within the nation,

through our mighty Saviour Jesus Christ.





The almighty Lord,

who is a strong tower for all who put their trust in him,

whom all things in heaven, on earth, and under the earth obey,

be now and evermore your defence.

May you believe and trust that the only name under heaven

given for health and salvation

is the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.



May our Lord Jesus Christ,

who healed the sick and brought comfort to those in need,

by his risen presence be with all who have contracted this virus,

take from them all that harms and hinders them,

and fill them with his healing and his peace.



The general prayers and prayers for those who have contracted the virus are adapted from ‘Common Worship’, published by the Archbishops’ Council.



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