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New Head of School Effectiveness appointed

Education adviser Nicola Sylvester has been appointed the new Head of School Effectiveness, joining the staff of the Church of England's Board of Education.

She will join the Education team at the beginning of April in this key role at an important time in the life of the National Society - which founded a church school in every parish when it began 200 years ago. This milestone anniversary is being celebrated in schools and parishes around the country, with a special service in Westminster Abbey.

Nicola brings with her extensive teaching experience of working in challenging areas of London; her most recent teaching role was as an assistant headteacher for inclusion.

She has taught RE in a Church of England secondary school and is involved in her own Roman Catholic parish as a school governor and Eucharistic minister.

Nicola gained a wider perspective of school improvement issues and whole school leadership and management when she took up her first secondary consultancy post in Harrow. Now as a county council teaching and learning adviser she has vast experience of school improvement, standards and effectiveness.

As Head of School Effectiveness Nicola will be responsible for building school improvement capacity across the Church of England sector, including strengthening the role of denominational inspection. 

"I am full of anticipation at the prospect of starting my new role supporting the mission of the Church in nurturing the education and well being of all children and young people.

I am passionate about improving the learning opportunities for all young people and look forward to working with colleagues from within the Division. It is a real privilege to have this opportunity to actively support the work of education that puts spiritual development and the life of faith at its heart; and, transforms lives and communities through the living out of Christian commitment," said Nicola.

The Revd Jan Ainsworth the Church of England's Chief Education Officer said: "We're very pleased that Nicola will be joining us. Her experience will be critical in helping our diocesan teams engage with issues of school performance to enable every child to flourish and achieve."


The National Society's full title is The National Society for Religious Education (Church of England)

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