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Church Representation Rules - online for first time

The 2011 edition of the Church Representation Rules - a vital tool for clergy, churchwardens and PCC, deanery and diocesan synod members - is now available free on the Church of England website at

The free online version of the Rules - which govern matters such as the preparation of the church electoral roll, the membership and election of parochial church councils - mirrors the 2011 edition of the book - published in print and Kindle e-book format by Church House Publishing.

Making the Rules freely available online was a recommendation of the House of Bishops'/Archbishops' Council's Simplification Group, who are committed to reducing the time spent by clergy and church members on the management of structures and processes.
Mary Chapman, chair of the Simplification Group, said: "The online publication of the Church Representation Rules is welcome early fruit from work in response to requests for easier access to important information. Digital developments enable us to offer e-book, print and free download versions simultaneously and improve the prospect of more timely updates in the future."
The online version of Church Representation Rules follows the recently published seventh edition of the Canons of the Church of England - the first full revision since 2000 - which can be found

An easy-to-use binder with reference tags containing the Canons may be purchased from the Church House Publishing website, A Kindle edition of the Canons is also available.


The General Synod paper Challenges for the New Quinquennium: the Next Steps (GS Misc 955) proposed the establishment of the Simplification Group. The Archbishops' Council agreed to establish the Group, jointly with the House of Bishops, at its meeting in September 2011. The Group's recommendation to put the Church Representation Rules be put online was approved in April 2012.

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