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Knighthood for Second Commissioner

The Church Commissioners have welcomed the award of a knighthood to Tony Baldry MP, Second Church Estates Commissioner since 2010, in the Queen's Birthday Honours List this year 'for public and political service'. 

Andrew Brown, Secretary to the Church Commissioners, said: "I am delighted that Tony Baldry has been awarded a knighthood. Sir Tony plays a vital role in the link between the Church and Parliament, regularly answering questions on Church matters in the House of Commons.

"Since his appointment as Second Commissioner two years ago, he has worked tirelessly to ensure both Church and State understand each other, and encourages each to work together for the benefit of the whole country."

Sir Tony said: "I am very proud to have been made a Knight, particularly in the Birthday Honours of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year.

"All the work in which I am involved as an MP, from campaigns on the Horton Hospital, to campaigns with the Churches, are team efforts, and I hope that I will always be an effective advocate for such campaigns."



The post of Second Church Estates Commissioner is a Crown appointment.

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