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General Synod - Summary of business conducted on Saturday 7th July AM


The Bishop of Bristol moved:

'That this Synod, recognizing the Church of England's historic and
continuing participation in world mission as essential to our identity as
members of the universal Church

(a) welcome the report entitled World-Shaped Mission and commend it
to the dioceses, deaneries and parishes of the Church of England
for further study;

(b) affirm the ongoing role of the Mission Agencies in resourcing the
mission of the Church of England at home and overseas;

(c) affirm the continuing growth, through the Diocesan Companion
Links, in the relationships between the Church of England and the
Provinces of the Anglican Communion; and

(d) encourage the building of continuing partnership between all
involved in Church of England world mission and development

Following debate, the motion was carried as amended:

In paragraph c, after "growth," insert "whether";


After "Links" insert "initiatives by parishes or otherwise,"

In para c, after "the Church of England" leave out "and" and insert ",";


After "Provinces of the Anglican Communion" insert "and the world Church".

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