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A Prayer for the Paralympic Games

A new prayer, composed by the Liturgical Commission, has been added to a website section designed to resource churches as they engage with the 2012 Paralympic Games.

A Prayer for the Paralympic Games

Lord Jesus Christ,
your love is more than gold,
and the warmth of your welcome is a taste of heaven.
We thank you for all involved in the London Paralympic Games;
for the skill and bravery of athletes;
for the wisdom and care of judges who ensure an equal chance for all;
for the support and encouragement of coaches and teammates;
and for the grace and kindness of volunteers who welcome all who come.
We ask that as the champions of the world unite in the spirit of Paralympic competition
you would grant us a vision of a world
     united in mutual respect and tolerance
     united in fairness and encouragement
     united in harmony and peace.
We ask this in your name.



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