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Daily Media Briefing Friday 7 September 2012

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

Daily Briefing for Friday 7th September 2012

Issued at 09.00 by lh


Tomorrow: Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Today's press coverage

D Mail p24; i p24

Reports of progress of Premier Christian Radio's 'Safetynet' campaign to block on-line pornography, including reference to Archbishop of York's support.

D Star p32 (also Sun/D Mail online)

Reports of former gangster's new life as Pastor to Braunton Coastal Community Community Church in Devon.


D Tel p27, from Dr Alan R Drysdall; the Revd Alan Wright; Dr John R K Savage; John Marr; George Langton; Harry Leeming; and Richard Ford.

D Exp p30, from Daniel Garbutt.

D Mail p64, from Thomas Dick.

all of them about the right to wear a cross


Gdn p36: Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, priest and biblical scholar, 1927-2012.

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