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Daily Media Briefing: Wedneday 12 September 2012

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

Issued at 09.20 by hd

Tomorrow: John Chrysostom, bishop, teacher of the faith, 407

Today's press coverage

Daily Mail p1, Express p15, Sun p2, Times p9 and p12, Mirror p2, Metro p17, i p7, Independent p8, Guardian p11
Reports that " Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg faced furious demands for an apology last night after he appeared to brand opponents of gay marriage 'bigots' " in an early draft of a "speech planned for an equalities reception". Some reports include a response from Lord Carey. Longer and more up-to-date reports online.

Independent p31, Telegraph p20, Times p32, i p23, Independent p37
Several items reporting that "a Christian girl who was detained after being accused of burning pages of the Koran in Pakistan fears she will be killed". 
Daily Mail p30
Tony Nicklinson's family reflect on their father's story and 'right-to-die' campaign.


Times p25
Andrew Johns of Bramley on assisted dying.

Independent p18
Barry Butler of Birmingham and Stan Broadwell of Bristol on freedom of expression.

Guardian p39
John Chambers of Bath on Charles Dickens' thoughts on Sunday trading.


Independent p49
Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, "Priest who believed the Catholic church is '200 years out of date'."

Broadcasting Bulletin 15th - 21st September 2012

Saturday 15 September Artist Jacqueline Nicholls' views on Judaism and women 5.35pm C4
Archive on 4 The House of Assad Owen Bennett-Jones explores the Assad family's grip on Syria, from the Ba'athist coup of the 1960s, to the present day. For three decades, Ba'ath Party head Hafez-al-Assad proved an uncompromising ruler - a reputation set in stone when he stamped out a Muslim Brotherhood uprising in 1982 at the cost of thousands of lives. His son and a successor Bashar al-Assad promised to be a more liberal teacher on talking power in 2000 but had since shown a hard-line stance against demonstrators 8.00pm R4
Divine Designs The churches of Christopher Wren 4.25am C5

Sunday 16 September
Bells on Sunday From York Minster 5.43am R4
Good Morning Sunday Spiritually inclined programme with Aled Jones and special guests 6.00am R2
Something Understood As he prepares to retire, the Archbishop of Canterbury talks to Mark Tully about the pros and cons of taking a cautious approach in a world that demands instant answers. The programme includes readings from Bunyan and Shakespeare and music that ranges from Bartok to Ladysmith Black Mambazo 6.05am R4
Sunday A round-up of the week's "religious and ethical" headlines 7.10am R4
Sunday Worship Canon John Bartlett preaches at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, in a service led by the Very Rev Dermot Dunne, Director of Music  8.10am R4
Songs of Praise Aled Jones meets some famous faces who were once choristers 4.25pm BBC1
Choral Evensong Wednesday's service from Derby Cathedral 4.00pm R3 Zungmo Alexander, a Buddhist nun, explains how a combination of meditation and art helped her to find peace 7.50pm C4
Downton Abbey Including a Vicar and an Archbishop of York 9.00pm ITV1
Sunday Half-Hour No information given 10.30pm R2
Something Understood Repeat 11.30pm R4

Monday 17 September
Daily Service Led by Rev Dr Bert Tosh 9.45am R4 (LW, DAB each day)
Beyond Belief (8/9) From Imperial War Museum North in Trafford, Greater Manchester. Ernie Rea chairs a debate of the treatment of civilians in armed conflict 4.30pm R4 FM only Members of the public share their thoughts on ethical issues 7.55pm C4
Price Tag Wars Panorama With firebombs and spray cans for weapons, a group of Israeli teenagers, the so-called "price taggers", have sworn never to give up the land that God gave them and to respond to every Palestinian attack with an evening of revenge. Jane Corbin meets the militants who have been described as Israel's enemy within 8.30pm BBC1
Citizen Khan (4/6) Mr Khan wants to hold auditions for the new call to prayer at the mosque, but family duties intervene 10.35pm BBC1

Tuesday 18 September
Daily Service Led by Rev Sharon Grenham-Toze 9.45am R4 (LW, DAB each day)
Soul Music (4/5) The enduring appeal of the Dire Straits classic Brothers in Arms is explores by people who have been touched by the piece, including an army chaplain who uses it for funerals 11.30am R4 Members of the public reflect on religious issues 7.55pm C4
Citizen Khan Repeat 11.15pm BBC1

Wednesday 19 September
Daily Service Led by Rev Tony Burnham 9.45am R4 (LW, DAB each day)
Choral Evensong Live from Southwell Minister in Nottinghamshire 3.30pm R3 Members of the public reflect on religious and ethical issues 7.55pm C4
Dead Good Job (2/3) In multicultural Britain, funeral directors are sensitive to how different religions say goodbye to the dead. A Hindu undertaker helps guide families through their faith's complex funeral rituals, while a photographer who takes pictures of a day that most people would like to forget explains how they can help the grieving to come to terms with their loss. Elsewhere, a Muslim woman who has lost her faith finds some Islamic traditions heard to deal with as she arranges her father's funeral 9.00pm BBC2

Thursday 20 September
In Our Time Melvyn Bragg and his guests examine the history and legacy of the Druids, Celtic priests, judges and doctors who were banned by the Romans and later eradicated by the spread of Christianity in the early modern era interest in them revived and writers romanticised their activities 9.00am R4
Daily Service Led by Bishop Stephen Oliver 9.45am R4 (LW, DAB each day) Member of the public share their thoughts on religious issues 7.55pm C4
The Choir: Sing While You Work (1/6) Evangelical choirmaster Gareth Malone embarks on his latest choral mission - exhorting staff in some of the busiest work places in the country to make singing part and parcel of their working day 9.00pm BBC2

Friday 21 September
Act of Worship Led by Dr Michael Ford 9.45am R4 (LW, DAB each day) Members of the public share their thoughts on ethical issues 7.55pm C4
Any Questions? Jonathan Dimbleby chairs a topical discussion from the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire 8.00pm R4

Prayer for the Day with Bishop Joe Aldred, 5.43am R4

Pause for Thought R2
Saturday 6.15am and 1.30am
Sunday 1.30am & 1.30am
Monday 5.45am, Brian D'Arcy 9.15am, 1.30am & 3.30am
Tuesday 5.45am, Julia Neuberger 9.15am, 1.30am & 3.30am
Wednesday 5.45am, Diane Louise Jordan 9.15am, 1.30am & 3.30am
Thursday 5.45am, Sarah Joseph 9.15am, 1.30am & 3.30am
Friday 5.45am, Simon Cohen 9.15am & 3.30am

Thought for the Day 7.48am R4
Speakers for the Week:
Saturday  Brian Draper
Monday  John Bell
Tuesday  Indarjit Singh
Wednesday  Rt Rev James Jones
Thursday  Anne Atkins
Friday   Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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