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Daily Media Briefing 8 October 2012

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office
Tomorrow: Denys, bishop and companions, martyrs, c.250
Robert Grosseteste, bishop, philosopher, scientist, 1253


Archbishop Sentamu AcademyYoung Leaders Award Year 9 Success

Yesterday afternoon, the Archbishop of York presented 278 badges and certificates to Year 9 students from Archbishop Sentamu Academy who have completed the Young Leaders Award run by the Archbishop of York Youth Trust. For further information, see end of briefing or go to:

2.   Today's press coverage

Ind p14
Editorial on the appointment process to appoint a new Archbishop of Canterbury.

Guard p4, Mirror p11,  Tel p6,  Mail p19,  Times p13, Exp p7,  Sun p7, Star p4, Metro p1
Extensive reports of the church service for missing April Jones

Guard p28, Ind p4 & p17,  I p5 12 & 23,  Mirror p6, FT p2, Exp p15
Reports and commentary on the abortion debate in the Conservative party

Ind p4, I p4,  Tel p8
Reports that David Cameron has warned the Conservative party that its image as the "nasty party" are being undermined by organisers of a mass rally against gay marriage

Mail p11, Exp p9
Reports that the Churches' Legislation Advisory Service has written a letter warning parishes that re-using (jam) jars breaches EU health rules.

Times p3
Reports of the 'winner' of the Radio 2 competition to find new talent for 'Pause for Thought' - Kiera Phyo.
No link

Sun p25, Metro p16, Tel online
Reports that the New Testament has been translated into Jamaican patois

Times p22 Peter Nancarrow
Church's structure

Tel p27 Revd Arun Arora
Publicans and sinners

Tel p27 Chris Whitehouse (Right to Life)
Capable of being born

3. Top Weekend Stories

Sunday Telegraph p15
News report "Split behind Church of England struggle to choose next leader"

Sunday Telegraph p15
News report "The 16 who will anoint the new Archbishop"

Mail on Sunday p31
Comment from Lord Carey: " When will our politicians realise that it's not racist to actually DO something about immigration?"

Mail on Sunday p.2
News report "Carey: Gay marriage strikes at society

Sunday Telegraph p7
News report "Drop gay marriage, say Tory chairmen"

Sunday Telegraph p9
News report "Church bans jams" with ref to advice from Churches Legislation Advisory Service

Sunday Telegraph p.21
News feature "The Private Letters of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother" with ref to previous Archbishop of Canterbury

Observer p35
News report "Our shameful history of denial on child abuse"

Daily Telegraph p37
Sacred Mysteries: Christopher Howse on "Cup of gold for the see of Canterbury"

Financial Times p9
News report "In search of an archbishop to bring peace to a warring flock"

Times p91/92
"Snapshots of a new Church: how Vatican II changed everything" /
News report 'He called on the Church to face the future without fear'

The Sun p18
News report "Knifed to table …. Vicar killer's 'hate God' note"

Tel p2/Times p1
New reports on Jeremy Hunt's comments on lowering the limit for abortions to 12 weeks

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