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Daily Media Briefing for Monday October 29

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

James Hannington, bishop, martyr, 1885


1. Towards a new diocese for West Yorkshire and the Dales

Dioceses Commission announces details of draft scheme
The Dioceses Commission has today released details of its draft scheme to reorganise Church of England structures in West Yorkshire and the Dales. The overall proposal, approved last month, is to replace the existing three dioceses and create a new single one. Today's report explains in more detail how, if approved, that would work.

2. Agenda for November 2012 General Synod

The General Synod of the Church of England meets in November for a three day meeting to discuss final stages of women bishops' legislation, with an agenda that also includes the Anglican Communion, the Living Wage and youth unemployment. For further information, see end of briefing or go to:


3. Today's press coverage
Times p18

Reports of comments by the Bishop of Durham, the Rt Revd Justin Welby "comparing the devastated state of the banking industry after the financial crash to the ruins of Coventry Cathedral after it was bombed in the war".


Times p25

Comment article from Tim Montgomerie suggesting that "the New Archbishop (of Canterbury) must get back to basics".


Tel p23

Comment from Charles Moore on the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy.


Tel p27

Comment article on the Liverpool Pathway treatment of the terminally ill


Tel p18, Guard p23, Mirror p24, Times, Metro, Ind

Reports that eight people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attach on a church in Nigeria

Telegrapgh p18



4. Top Weekend Stories

Sunday Telegraph p3
News report "Bishop says banks are beyond repair" with ref to Bishop of Durham

Sunday Telegraph p2
"Barclays knows action must follow warm words"- interview with Barclays boss with ref to comments by Bishop of Durham

Mail on Sunday p31
"Enter a church and you should hear echoes of eternity - not the Sugababes" comment from Peter Hitchens which begins "I think the Church of England has just committed suicde".

Sunday Times p33
News report "Evangelists spread the word of Mitt"

Mail on Sunday p46

News report "King Richard III to get cathedral burial" with ref to Leicester Cathedral

Sunday Telegraph online
News report "People who agree to donate their organs could be given NHS priority" with ref to CofE

Sunday Express p39
Kirsty Buchanan on "This is the path to death, people" with ref to Liverpool Care Pathway
Daily Mail p7
News report on Liverpool Care Pathway

Observer p25
News report "Climate change and science are at heart of new theory of history backed by Bill Gates"

Sunday Telegraph p29 (scroll down link)
Modern marriage from Rev John Jessop Catterick, North Yorkshire


Times p26
News report "Decision time over archbishop"

Telegraph p1
News report "Savile could be stripped of Papal knighthood"

Guardian p43

News comment "The BBC's real crime was to act like the Catholic church"

Times p111
News report "Floods leave Lourdes counting the cost"

Times p110

Credo: Naftali Brewer on "What difference does your company make to the world?"


Guardian p3(Family)
News feature "As a Christian, Rachel Held Evans was intrigued to find out what sort of advice the Bible could offer a wife in a modern relationship"

Times p110
News feature "Remembering the warriors of the modern Church"


Times p51
News report "Custodians of the Sistine Chapel want a ceiling on sweaty visitors"

Daily Telegraph p28 (Review)

"Roger Scruton plays the organ in his local church for Sameer Rahim"


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