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Daily Media Briefing: Monday 1 October

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office  

Remigius, bishop, 533
Anthony Ashley Cooper (Earl of Shaftesbury), social reformer, 1885
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1.      Update on CNC

This week's meeting of the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) has been accompanied by much speculation about possible candidates and the likely timing of an announcement of the name of who will succeed Dr Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury when he steps down to become Master of Magdalene College.  Read the full update

2.  Today's press coverage

Times pp5/22 (Lord Harries); D Exp p5; D Mail pp8/35 (Richard Kay); D Tel p9; Ind pp9/15 (Jerome Taylor) (i pp15/17); Gdn p10
Further reports/comment about process of nominating new Abp of Canterbury.

D Tel p2; D Mirror p4; Sun p6
Reports of York Minster service for National Police Memorial Day, with address by Abp of York.

D Tel p12; Ind p20
Pieces on different aspects of same-sex marriage.

Times p21 (leader)
Report/brief editorial about abolition of restricted hours for weddings.

Wall Street Journal (Europe) p19
Feature about Bp of Durham and his business background.

Times p25, about the CNC process, from Anthony W Archer.

D Tel p21, ditto, from Richard Hyslop; and Kevin Heneghan. (scroll down)

D Tel p27: The Revd Rex Hancock 1928-2012

3. Top Weekend Stories

BBC Sunday Programme (Radio 4)
"As the Crown Nominations Commission meets to decide on the next Archbishop of Canterbury, Kevin Bocquet profiles those in the running with bookmaker Paddy Power and also asks what kind of Archbishop would different parts of the church like to see."

BBC online
News report "New Archbishop of Canterbury decision 'may take months'
Sunday Times p1
News report "Church split over Sentamu"
Sunday Telegraph p7
News report "Secrecy in choosing Archbishop looks like a stitch-up'"
Mail on Sunday p4
News report "Sentamu 'snub' in deadlocked hunt for Archbishop"
Mail on Sunday p29
Comment from A N Wilson "Our C of E is a cracked old antique - and if we choose the wrong Archbishop it might fall apart in his hands"

Mail on Sunday p34
News report "'Cavalier' Marr is accused of ignoring Jesus in his BBC history of the world"

Sunday Telegraph p11
News report "Megan's plans for life on run" with ref to two CofE schools where Jeremy Forrest had taught

Sunday Telegraph p23
Interview with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor "I don't feel that we're a nation of unbelievers"

Sunday Telegraph (books) p30
Christopher Howse on "The Hobbit unearths a hoard of myths"

Sunday Telegraph p29
"The whole foreign aid industry must face greater scrutiny"

News articles and comment on CNC update issued Friday (29)
Times p.15, Daily Telegraph p.4, Guardian p15/44

Daily Mail p25
News report "Is this the best way for Church to 'sell' Jesus?" with ref to CofE backed ad campaign with comment from Bishop Nick Baines and Rev Arun Arora

Loose canon column: Giles Fraser on "Quitting smoking is a battle fought out in the desert spaces of our imagination"

Times p105
Credo: Gudrun Warren and Mary Green on "The healing balm of silence" with ref to Norwich Cathedral

Times p31
"Anglican attitudes" from Dr John Carmody, President, Australian Catholic Historical Society

Daily Telegraph p33
Sacred Mysteries: Christopher Howse on "Bedford's cult of God's Daughter"

Daily Mail p43
News report "How God got the odd couple together" with ref to the personal faiths of a celebrity couple

Guardian p5 (Books)
Nicholas Mosley on Fr Raymond Raynes

Daily Telegraph p.2
"Religion optional"(scroll down) from Andrew Smith, Essex

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