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Daily Media Briefing: Monday October 15

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

Teresa of Avila, teacher of the faith, 1582
Tomorrow: Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer, bishops, martyrs, 1555

1.  News from CofE
Statement from Secretary General on new Director of Forward in Faith
The Secretary General of the Church of England, Mr. William Fittall, has  issued a statement in response to the announcement that Dr. Colin Podmore has been appointed as the new Director of Forward in Faith.

Statement from The Church Commissioners concerning Sir Stuart Bell MP who died on Saturday

2.  Today's press coverage
Tel p21
Report that Archbishop Sentamu has visited the South African mining belt

Guard p 4,  Times p 18, Tel p 17, Ip3 & 21,  Mail p11,  Exp p4,  Sun p19,  Mirror p11,  Metro p31,  Star p8,  City AM p4, BBC online
Reports that four female protestors from "Occupy" chained themselves to the pulpit in St Pauls Cathedral, London during Evensong.

Guard p24 & 26
Comment (Giles Fraser) and Editorial on above.

Tel p16, Times p19
Reports on research on the popularity of England's cathedrals.
Telegraph - no link

Mail p24,  Exp p30, BBC on line
Reports of the Revd Paul Peverell, of Christ Church, Gt Ayton, N Yorkshire, giving ten pounds to members of this Harvest Festival congregation

Ind p18,
Comment item written by artist Tracy Emin on Gay marriage: "The Church should not be happy to exclude".

Tel p14, Metro p21
Reports that Britain's biggest abortion provider has launched a "pro-choice campaign in response to ministerial comments over cuts in the time limit for termination".

Tel p25 & 28
Comment by Dr Max Pemberton and Editorial on above

Guard p 1
Reports that the front pages of Britain's newspapers deploy "sexist stereotypes, humiliating photographs of women, and male bylines".

Times p25
"Lambeth Agenda" from The Rt Revd John Bickersteth

Times p25
"Faith and Tradition" from Peter Nancarrow

Times p24
"Ethical issues and basis of beliefs" from Aidan Reynolds

Guard p31, Times p43
Sir Stuart Bell

3. Top Weekend Stories

Telegraph online
Comment "If not a woman Archbishop, at least an Archbishop for women, please"

Independent on Sunday p40
Paul Vallely on "The ultimate heroism is forgiving the enemy"

Mail on Sunday P48
News report "Schools urged to ditch Dickens and Austen for a good Trollope"

Sunday Telegraph p24
News feature "Winstons bitter war with the BBC" with ref to coronation and Archbishop of Canterbury

Sunday Times p10
Chris Woodhead column "Gove is duty bound to axe GCSEs as soon as he can" with ref to faith schools

Observer p29
News report "Why a Bible belt conservative spent a year pretending that he was gay"

Sunday Times p7
News feature on the afterlife "A top neuroscientist insists his near-death experience is proof of the afterlife."

Sunday Telegraph p27 (scroll down link)
"A balanced choice" from Rev Dr Marcus BrayBrooke re next Archbishop of Canterbury
Sunday Telegraph p27
"The Church could solve this sticky situation itself" from various with ref to jam jars

Daily Star p13
News report "God? A greater chance of aliens" with ref to a recent survey that shows more people believe in aliens than God

Financial Times p30
Feature on "England's cathedrals"

Independent p42
"Invoke the Nazis and you've lost the argument" with ref to Lord Carey's comments

Guardian p21
News report "Vicar's blood found on killer's clothes, jury told

Times p27
Matthew Parris on "Religion does not belong in the small print"

Times p40
Interview with author Philip Pullman 'We suspect too many people. It leads to a society of suspicion and hatred'

Times p102
'Such boldness is a reminder of what the Church is capable of' with ref to Vatican II

Times p101
Jonathan Sacks on "The source of true grit is faith in God's abiding faith in us"

Guardian p45
Loose canon: Giles Fraser on Octavia Hill with ref to Church Commissioners

Independent p23
News report "Occupy's legacy may be a new generation of social activists"

Times p101
News report "Pussy Riot debacle unmasks ties between Church and State

Financial Times p20
News comment "Pussy Riot, punk and holy fools"

Guardian p4
News report "Ethical investment"

Times p20
News report "The British pals who died waging holy war in Syria"

Times p105
Architecture: "Ayrshire boasts a formidable array of talent and fantasy" with ref to Scottish churches

Times p31
"A quiet moment" from Tony Castle, Essex with ref to reflections during school day and Archbishop of Canterbury's comments on contemplation

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